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Refund Status 

In general, you should wait at least 2-4 weeks if you filed electronically, and 6-10 weeks for a paper filing before contacting the tax authorities.  Be sure to have a copy of your tax return in front of you before calling. 

Federal (Form 1040):  

IRS Website:  Refund Status Online

Automated Refund Hotline: 1-800-829-1954

For any other inquiry, call 1-800-829-1040, 7am - 7pm.  

Outside the U.S., call (267) 941-1000

New York State (Forms IT-201 or IT-203):  

NYS Tax Dept:  Refund Status Online

Automated Refund Hotline: 518-457-5149

Other inquires: 518-457-5181

New Jersey (Forms NJ-1040 & NJ-1040NR): 

New Jersey Division of Taxation - Refund Status

To speak to a live person, call 1-609-292-6400, 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday.

California (Form 540 & 540NR):  

CA Franchise Tax Board:  Refund Status Online

Customer Service:  1-800-852-5711


CT Dept of Revenue:  Refund Status Online


MA Dept. of Revenue:  Refund Status Online

Other States:

Many other states have links to check a refund status online.  Please see my Links page for a complete list of State Tax Websites.