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James Maertin, C.P.A.
Email:   james@jamesdance.com  

Phone:  (646) 236-8550 (by appointment only)  

Why use James to prepare your tax return?

My philosophy is to provide excellent service, a fair pricing structure, and prompt turnaround. I pay close attention to detail so that your tax return will be prepared accurately with the maximum benefit allowed to you by the tax law. My experience in preparing tax returns spans over 30 years and I have special expertise in foreign and expatriate issues.

I have just one assistant, Joanna, who has worked with me for over 20 years and who also has extensive tax knowledge & expertise. This means you can rest assured that your information is secure and your tax return will only be worked on by two seasoned professionals. Please also note that I personally respond to every email and review every tax return.

I can be your tax accountant no matter where you live and work. This is a big benefit to many of my clients who change job locations on a fairly regular basis. Since I have a lot of experience in a broad area of the tax law, no matter which state or country you move to, I will be available to continue to help you with your tax compliance. I have clients in over three dozen countries and many different states. A large number of my clients work in the banking/financial services industry in the U.S. and abroad, but I also have many clients with a wide range of occupations and incomes. No matter what your situation, please feel free to contact me.

Quick responses: I try to answer emails in a timely fashion, frequently the same day, and usually within 48 hours. Sometimes it may take a little longer if it is received during the weekend or if I'm on vacation off season. I am available to answer your questions year round.

Easy Procedures: My Excel-based questionnaire is easy to complete and you only need to fill in the sections and the worksheets that are relevant to your situation. I try to keep the questionnaires consistent so that you can copy information, such as foreign financial accounts, from year to year. Most questions are resolved over email, and most tax returns are eligible for electronic filing. Please note that your tax return cannot be filed without your signature authorization.

Affordable Fees: My fees are affordable, competitive with other U.S. based accountants, and almost always lower than accountants based overseas. Please refer to my fees and policies and procedures.

Security: I never share client information with anyone and client records have always been kept secure. Documents are generally sent by email, and I have never experienced a security issue with that (I've been working this way since 2001). However, if you have concerns, just encrypt your data using a free software such as 7-zip, and email me the encrypted documents. You can then just email or text me your password.

No need to use the same accountant to do both foreign and U.S. tax returns:  While I have general international tax expertise I do not specialize in tax compliance for non-U.S. tax systems.  If you are living abroad, you are likely better off having me do your U.S. tax preparation and a local accountant do the foreign one.  There is actually very little coordination needed and accounting firms who do both usually are very expensive.  Further, these large firms tend to focus on big ticket work, so do not give tax preparation the level of care that I can provide.

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