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James Maertin, CPA

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James Maertin, CPA
Master of Science in Taxation


Welcome! I specialize in the preparation of all types of U.S. tax returns, including every state, for people around the world. My goal is to provide the most thorough and accurate service possible at a fair price, while working hard to find you as many tax savings as the law allows.  Tax consulting and other services are also available all year.  I am a CPA with a master's degree in taxation and have been helping taxpayers for over 28 years.


Questions?  Please contact me by email:  james@jamesdance.com 

How it works (for individual tax returns):

1.    You fill out a short, user-friendly questionnaire, and then email or fax me any U.S. tax documents you received such as W-2's, 1099's, 1098's, etc. (if you're a new client, I'll also need a copy of last year's return).

2.     The return is prepared. Any outstanding issues or questions are resolved, usually by email. A "Return Ready" email is sent to you when the return is complete.

3.     Fee payment:  You can securely pay here by credit card, or see the other options listed on the Fee Payment page.

4.     Review of tax return:  Once payment is made, your return is sent to you to review and approve.

5.     Filing of tax return:  E-file authorization forms will be emailed to you to sign, and then email or fax back. If a paper filing is necessary, the final return will be emailed to you with instructions for printing, signing & mailing. 

See tax preparation process for more detail.